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I had a few issues with my blog page and lost two posts. I then got wrapped up with life and the endless juggle of having a day job, being a single parent (80% of the time they are in my care and even when they’re not with me I am the planner, the coordinator, the cook (the thief, the wife and her lover…), performing and trying to keep sane. So I’m breaking some recent events down into a few blog posts that I’ll share over the next few days/ weeks.

Late last year I took my kids to Europe –Barcelona, England and Scotland. It was a great trip. My kids are amazing and we had lots of fun. It was also wonderful to spend time with my family there – dad, step mum, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins. I also spent time with old school friends, who I have known for decades. It is always sad to leave.

I also did my first international stand up set, in London. The audience was made up of a bunch of old school friends of mine, as well as a lot my family. I had lined it up ahead of my arrival and requested a ten-minute spot. It went really well. They invited me back – sadly I was only in London a few days, so that wasn’t possible. One of my old school friends said, “You’re actually really funny. It’s such a relief”!

So that was a success!

While I was there I also got news that I had been offered the part of Montague – Romeo’s sole parent – in Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet. I was over the moon and my brother said to me “That’s great news, because you’ve told me that working with them is one of the funnest things in your life”. He was right. It is and was!

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