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Lucy runs regular Queer Comedy nights around Melbourne and is launching a Queer Comedy Festival in late 2020.

Lucy Best is an Australian-based British comedian, MC, writer & producer who performs Stand Up, Cabaret, Music and Theatre around Australia. Book Lucy to host your event.

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Queer Comedy is hosted by Lucy Best


Nice things people say about Lucy Best’s Comedy:

“Lucy Best is hilarious and she makes the world a better place by being in it.” – Suki Foster, Executive Director, Cause Film Festival


“While the rest of us are trying to set boundaries, Best skilfully and willingly blows them apart in the wildest, funniest and naughtiest ways” – Sandy Retro, The Retro Girls Entertainment


“I love Lucy’s Comedy. Very talented and very funny.” – Chris Myers, Adelmagic Productions


“Lucy Best has a cool English exterior the lulls the audiences into genteel expectations. But my does she surprise… so mouthy and bold and current. This is challenging humour folks. Challenging in the sense that Lucy confronts norms… norms that should be questioned. A triumph of wit and delivery that skewers the conservative right where it hurts. Fun fun fun. Highly recommend.” – Susan Brownbill, A fan!


“Lucy Best and Nicky Barry are champions of feminist comedy of the wildest sort. A yin and yang on stage, together they make a delightful neenish tart of funny. Diving deep into what is usually taboo, they skilfully delve into their sometimes traumatic and sometimes heroic pasts and splatter their colourful guts around for comedic purposes. The beauty of their brand of comedy is that we all feel like boundaries are broken in the best possible way, allowing us to feel at ease with our own demons whilst we laugh at theirs.” – Carla Bruce-Lee, Producer, Welcome Stranger (also Cougar Vox and many other musical credits)


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“Very, very funny”



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One of the most influential comedians in Coburg North,

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