First Blog post EVAAAAAH

Ok. Here goes – popping my blog cherry.

This website is still under construction and, although WordPress is pretty easy to understand, I am definitely on a learning curve. I will try to get some videos, audio of comedy, and some more photos up asap. I also need to put something in the Music and Social/Environmental Justice sections.

Last night I did a spot at Tribute Comedy, which was great fun. There was only a small crowd of mostly other comics, so we agreed that it was a bit of a workshop and provided each other with some feedback as we went along.

I then jumped in an uber (who seemed to do a lot of u-turns on the way and the ETA kept leaping up) to the Jazz Lab in Brunswick, to watch the amazing Nubya Garcia. I recommend checking out both the venue and her work. Your life will likely be better for it.

Next week I will be MCing a comedy night at Maori Chief Hotel in South Melbourne, for the Comedy Women’s Association. It’s a free night of comedy in a nice pub that does good food, so if you feel like a cosy night out and catching some free comedy then come along. FYI – this is not a night for the faint hearted. Women can be just as lewd as men! It’s mostly female identifying comics, but there is usually one man – the cock spot.

Right, I reckon that’s plenty for the my first time.

Thanks for having me.


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