A Mass Singalong to Meatloaf Classics

A karaoke singalong show, where everyone is encouraged to join in and the only options are Meatloaf songs

Loafaoke is bound to be Paradise by the Disco Lights.
If you love a good singalong and love a good Meatloaf epic classic (you
don’t have to agree with his views) then this is the show for you!
Join the fun and laughter as we Loafaoke together.

Lucy Best and Nicky Barry are two of Melbourne’s favourite loud
mouthed bawdy comedy queens, who guide you through a mass
karaoke experience. They would do anything for love, including
hosting this fun and raucous shared karaoke show.

Lyrics on screen will put the words right into your mouth.
You can sing along sweetly, have fun and drink cocktails. However, if
you don’t want to sing, or you prefer not to drink, well… two out of
three ain’t bad. When the night is over you can race home like a bat out of hell.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

— Arts Hub