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So I performed at RAW comedy 2019. I will share more on that later but suffice to say it was a wonderful experience and I am so proud to say that I got through to the Victorian State Final.

After the first heat I coordinated and performed at the inaugural SustainbLOL event. The event was a fundraiser (sorry – FUNraiser) for a local school to implement some energy efficiency measures. I ran the event for my ‘day job’ employee the Moreland Energy Foundation (soon to rebrand as the Australian Energy Foundation) and it was very exciting to do something that merged my two worlds!

The event was a success and we raised almost $400 for the school, which will help with their LED lighting upgrade. I got good feedback and am hopeful that there will be another event. The take home lesson for me was that it’s tricky to try to do an all ages comedy event. I think I need to either do an event aimed at kids – with lots of improv, music and audience interaction OR an event aimed at adults – where the comics can go to town with their material. Peter Murphy trod the fine line, when he made a joke about shagging a kangaroo! I think we got away with it, though!

In between the second RAW heat and the state final I popped up to Adelaide for the Fringe Festival for a weekend, where I performed three comedy sets and a set with Cougar Vox and the Irritations. It was a whirlwind of fun and Adelaide Fringe festival is now in my annual calendar!

Two of the comedy sets were on International Women’s Day at the HA HA Comedy parlour in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Gordo Gamsby is a great guy, who now runs two tents, showcasing lots of comedy and cabaret acts. He offered me more stage time but unfortunately I had to get to other commitments. I will endeavour to spend more time there next year.

I also managed to get along to some great shows in Adelaide, as well as take a trip the beach, to visit some friends who had moved there from Melbourne, where we saw dolphins.

Here’s some footage from the Cougar Vox gig, which was part of the Rock N Roll Orgy, run by the wonderful Tom Smith. In this video my character, Pixie Pix, momentarily looses her shit!

Since the RAW state final, Melbourne International Comedy Festival has also been and gone. I managed to get along to see a few shows – not as many as I would have liked, though. I was also on the line up for a couple of events and I ran the Kodiak Comedy room in Fitzroy on Wednesday nights. I loved running the room and MCing the gigs. It was a little stressful at times but I love MCing and I got the opportunity to meet some amazing established comedians, hang out with some comedians that I knew and also offer spots to up and coming comedians. I have now been asked to MC some upcoming events. One is the first Queer Comedy at George’s on Thursday 23rd May. There’s a great line up and I’m looking forward to it. I think we all need some cheering up, after the dismal election results here in Australia over the weekend.

Here’s a photo I took at the wonderful Annie Louey’s award nominated show; Before I Forget. She had some audience participation and this is my friend (and a wonderful comedian and collaborator) Julien Furnace and his friend Greg, joining in the fun. I am happy to note that Annie used this photo (which I sent to her) to promote the final shows. I was also delighted that Annie remembered me, having been at my first ever open mic, less than two years ago. She remembered me and congratulated me on the RAW state final! That certainly put a skip in my step!

I have been trying to share my upcoming gigs on my Twitter account, so if you want to catch me follow me on there.

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