Romeo And Juliet

As predicted the production was super fun. Jennifer Sarah Dean founded Melbourne Shakespeare Company in 2016. Since then the company has produced many shows. I was Assistant Director on their first production – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was officer in A Comedy of Errors and I got to be Romeo’s single parent, Montague in the 2018 production of Romeo and Juliet.

The Melbourne Shakespeare company are now well known for their signature style of high energy, family friendly productions, which are performed in outdoor locations around Melbourne.

It was a joy to work with several cast and crew I had worked with before, as well as some younger performers. For several of them this was their first professional production. No matter how experienced each of us was, or how well we knew each other, everyone was so friendly and collaborative. There were lots of jokes and no divas!

I also got to hone my saxophone skills. I took up sax in 2017, after a discussion with Cougar Vox and the Irritations, in which we decided that getting some horn into our anarchic, bee bop, punk rock music, would be fun. I then borrowed a sax and got on to a few YouTube tutorials. I soon learnt to play a few notes that allowed me to ‘play’ along to some of our songs. In honesty though, I mostly just made noise. And I was pretty chuffed with myself for doing that.

I then played sax on a couple of tracks for the 2017 Dead Set, under the guidance of an experienced saxophonist. When it came time to polishing up for Melbourne Shakespeare my technique and omboutre came on in leaps and bounds. The wonderful Benjamin Almon Colley was so patient and kind with me. Emma Jevons, who was my partner in crime in the sax section, also took time and care to help me up-skill. She said herself that her old music teacher would have been proud! I was incredibly proud of how much I advanced in my sax playing and now feel far more qualified in telling my kids that in order to get good at something YOU HAVE TO PRACTISE!

Romeo And Julie - Melbourne Shakespeare

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