March 2022 eNooze

Not everything that happens to us occurs with reference to something about us. To be calm, we must reduce the weight of our proud and unrealistic modern individualism – School of Life Hello! How are you? I know that the world is full of scary and sad stuff but it is also full of good things.Continue reading “March 2022 eNooze”

December 2021 eNooze

This is not a drill. It’s December. I repeat. It’s December. Quick recap of 2021– Had some gigs in Jan and things were weird – limited capacity, masks and QR codes but people sharing mics. Life was strange– On 13th Feb we had a snap lockdown until 17th Feb– Melbourne (not so international) comedy festival managed to go ahead in Mar-April and Nicky BarryContinue reading “December 2021 eNooze”