May 2023 eNooze

I’m a bit late getting this out but there’s still plenty of May left and plenty of upcoming shows to share…
The weather here has been bonkers, we’ve had days in the low twenties and days in the low lows, like 8 degrees C. Classic Melbourne! 

Burlesque, Comedy, and Cabaret – nom nom nom!

I had a glorious time hosting Sip n’ Strip at The Bendigo Hotel.
Produced by the wonderful and extremely talented Stella del Lure. Check out this wonderful image of us all and one of me, from the very talented 3 Fates Media

The very next day was Queer Cabaret at The Motley Bauhaus. Here’s a lovely pic of the cast, taken by my youngest offspring – who is lined up to do a cheeky lil comedy set at June’s Queer Cabaret event! Squee!

It’s the fourth Friday of the month and it’s always a super fun and inclusive crowd. You should come along!
Tickets here.

Talking of my talented offpspring

The first born has their first live gig on 18th June! I think “post punk, bedroom screamo noise band” is how I would describe what they do!
You can check them out here on Spotify here
And you can book tix to the gig here

Upcoming gigs!

This Sunday (21st May) I’ll be at Comedy Humbug in Brunswick.

Then on Wednesday I will be at the very lovely Pride of Our Footscray, for Pride Comedy. Also always a very fun night.

Then the day after that it’s Queer Cabaret time again. And, as always, I have organised an incredible line up

Book tickets here (please)
It wil be super fun. Also it will probably be quite rude. Last month someone left because it was too rude for them and I have to admit that I’m actually pretty proud of that!

Then I’m off to Townsville in June for North Australian Festival of Arts – NAFA!

Hope to see you soon.
Thank you.
Love you.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival (pt I)

It’s a busy time for me!

My wonderful friend, Michele da Costa and I wil be co-hosting (and alternating doing a spot) at our upcoming Queer Comedy Variety Nights, produced by Michele.
I’ll send another email next week with our week two line ups. As you can see we have incredible line ups and different guests every night. So come to one, come to all. In fact, if you come to all six of them, I will give you a very special prize of some Lucy Best merch and a gorgeous colouring in book, valued at $60.

You can listen to Michele and I talk about the shows and also our feelings about the recent upsetting events that have particularly impacted the queer community on Saly Goldner’s wonderful
Out of the Pan podcast

Other chances to catch me during comedy festival

– 2nd and 5th April I will be the “glamorous assistant” at Damo and Mick’s Backyard Quiz. I was supposed to compete at the quiz last comedy festival but I got covid and had to pull out. Now I am getting to be involved without having to use my brain! Join me there to see if I can pull off being glamorous and assisting.

– 13th April I will be competing in the Comedy out West (COW) competition. Come along and please vote for me (only if you think I should win obviously)

– 23rd April I’m once again participating in Open Bike. A comedy show performed and watched on exercise bikes. Ridiculous amounts of fun and open to every fitness level. See you there!

Post festival cabaret fun

Post Festival Cabaret fun 

– 27th April I will be hosting the inaugural Sip ‘n’ Strip at the The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood!
Stella Del Lure is bringing you a fine range of emerging and establised artists who will Sip and Strip to their hearts content.
Join us for dinner or just for the show and experience the glamour of a classic showgirl tease, the fun of a silly neo burlesque or something somewhere in between.
This is strictly an 18+ event. Contains partial nudity
Dinner & Show: Limited Tickets available, Guaranteed front seating.

– The following night (28th April) I will be back at The Motley Bauhaus for my monthly Queer Cabaret night. I have a wonderful line up for you. I’ll share the line up with you in another email soon. Book tickets here

Movie news

In order to raise funds for the continuing shoot of MAGPIE the supernatural cyber/thriller romance, we have launched an online auction. You can grab yourself some incredible items, including lots of original artwork.
Check it out here

And in other film news we are shooting a proof of concept for another feature film – The Woman By The Water

Thanks for reading to the end.
Love you.

March 2023 eNooze

Adelaide Fringe time!

Catch me and my partner in fabulousness, Nicky Barry at our saucy adults only show – No Holes Barred on 9th and 16th March at the stunning Nineteen Ten rooftop bar.
Opening night was a hoot and there’s one more chance to catch it on the 16th.
Book tickets

You can also catch Disgraceful at the gorgeous My Lover Cindi on the 13th, 14th and 15th March. The show, like me, is evolving and improving with time and I can’t wait to perform it for the good folk of South Australia.

Queer Cabaret at The Motley Bauhaus

When I get back it’s Queer Cabaret at The Motley Bauhaus on 24th March. I’m thrilled to announce that Queer Cabaret will continue to be on the fourth Friday of every month through to July.

Check social media for each month’s line up.
Book here

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I will be sending out a special comedy festival related email, but getting this announcement in now, so you can get yourself some sweet, sweet tickets!
I’m teaming up with my dear friend and co-founder of BiLife Melbourne, to host a series of Queer Comedy variety nights at UBQ for Comedy Festival 2023. Each show will feature a fresh line up of hilarious and wonderful performers from the queer community.

Book tickets here
And follow us on Instagram @bilife_melbourne
And on FacebookThank you.

Thank you.
Love you.

Feb 2023 eNooze

Midsumma show TONIGHT!

This is tonight as I write this – 9th Feb!
And it’s going to be ay-may-zing.
Featuring Annie Louey (Comedy All Stars Supershow, ABC TV’s China Tonight, Ch31’s Rediscover Victoria, ABC Radio), Han Arbuthnott (How to Shave, recently opened for Hannah Gadsby), Sunanda Sachatrakul (Best Newcomer nominee Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022, Sunanda Loves Britney, How Gay Am I?), and Jaxson Garni as Bambi (Be Yourself?, Belligerent, Keep The Change).
Nibbles included in the ticket price, and live music from Mia Schoen after the show, so get your glad rags on and make an evening of it.
As The Village People said – Go West, to begin life new!

Queer Cabaret at The Motley Bauhaus

The inaugural (I can never remember how to spell that!) Queer Cabaret was an absolute hoot. We had an incredible line up and an utterly fabulous audience.

Photo credit: Millie Willetts
A huge thank you to Luke Belle (aka Adore Handel), Nikki Viveca, Matt Baron, Tracky, Freddy Weir and Laurence Driscoll.

Check social media for each month’s line up. Book here

That’s all for now!

A short and sweet (just like me) eNooze or Feb.
On 21st Feb you can catch me on Joy 94.4’s new spoken word show.

Then I’m off to Adelaide Fringe with Disgraceful and No Holes Barred.
When I get back I start a new job at this incredible organisation.

Life is pretty sweet right now. Hope I don’t stuff it up! 😉

Please do follow me on the socials for any additional gigs and appearances.
Thank you.
Love you.
Bye. x

Jan 2023 eNooze

“...every passing minute is a another chance to turn it all around.”
-David Aames ‘Vanilla Sky’

Happy new year!

I hope that you had a fun and relaxing festive season and 2023 is off to a good start for you.

I’m back in Melbourne, after a wonderful time visiting family and friends back in the UK. Now it’s time to get back into the hustle and promote all my upcoming shows.

I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be hosting the Carnival Stage at the Midsumma Festival carnival on Saturday 22nd January

Showcasing local and international artists and performers, with endless things to see, do, and eat your way through, Midsumma Carnival is an iconic full-day outdoor extravaganza dedicated to kicking off our three-week-long festival. And entry is free!

Read more

New Monthly Queer Cabaret Nights

On 27th Jan I launch my brand new monthly Queer Cabaret night at The Motley Bauhaus.

Each month I will host a specially curated line up of spectacular and hilarious performers from the LGBTIQA+ community.

Expect sketch, music, stand up, burlesque and most of all a lot of laughs.

Check social media for each month’s line up.
Book here
That brings us to the end of Jan!

Midsumma fun

For Midsumma I will be presenting a very special Queer Comedy night at The Bowery Theatre in St Albans, with award-winning & critically acclaimed performers!

Featuring Annie Louey (Comedy All Stars Supershow, ABC TV’s China Tonight, Ch31’s Rediscover Victoria, ABC Radio), Charlie Lewin (Best Newcomer Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021, It’s Giving Char, Cockatiel), Sunanda Sachatrakul (Best Newcomer nominee Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022, Sunanda Loves Britney, How Gay Am I?), and critically acclaimed Jaxson Garni (Be Yourself?, Belligerent, Keep The Change).

There will even be nibbles provided, so get your glad rags on and make an evening of it.

As The Village People said – Go West, to begin life new!

Book here

That’s enough to be getting along with!

After all that fun and laughter, we get into Adelaide Fringe Festival season, followed by Melbourne International Comedy Festival – I’ll save all that for another eNooze.

As always follow me on the socials for any additional gigs and appearances.

Thank you.
Love you.

December 2022 eNooze


It looks like we’ve almost made it through 2022. I am looking forward to a new year and some fresh starts. It’s been a challenging year but there have definitely been some highlights.

I have produced and been involved in a whole bunch of shows. Not all of them were box office successes, but they were certainly a hit with audiences and I’m very proud of them.

Here’s a video of some nice things people said about my solo show, Disgraceful, at the most recent run at The Motley Bauhaus. And here’s some review quotes, with fantastic images captured by the wonderful Michael Reynolds.
The below image is one of my favourites. I was channeling my bolshie teenage self and I think it worked!

Watch out England! I’m headed your way.

My darling offspring and I will be heading to England for a frosty (perhaps snowy) Christmas this year.

Before I go I will be at The Motley Bauhaus’s Very Motley Christmas. If you’re in Melbourne I recommend you head down. Tickets are only $10 and they’ve organised a fabulous night of entertainment. Book here

If anyone in the UK is reading this and might have some gigs for me (hosting, doing a spot etc) or know someone who might, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I might start having withdrawals if I don’t get to over share into a microphone while I’m there!


As soon as the Disgraceful run was over I was head down organising a bunch of shows for 2023. I’m thrilled to be presenting (click on image for ticket link):

Look at this line up – LOOK AT IT!

No holes barred – a very saucy show that Nicky Barry and I are putting on for three nights only at for Adelaide Fringe. (special thanks to Melbourne Fringe for providing the glittery backdrop for this image!)

I am also launching a new night – Queer Cabaret at The Motley Bauhaus. Hosted by me and featuring a line up of special guests each month. 27th Jan, 24th Feb and 24th Mar. I will share a link in early Jan.

Happy holidays!

I sincerely wish you all a safe and happy festive season. I hope you can be close to those you love, pets, family, friends, plants, whatever feeling happy and safe means for you.
I hope to see you soon.
Thank you.
Love you.

Nov 2022 eNooze

It’s November 2022 and that’s bonkers. I know that all of us at this time of year say “how can it be November?” but after spending a huge chunk of two years in lockdown, I am also asking how it can be 2022?
But here we are!
Here’s my November update. It’s a whopper, so grab a cuppa and strap in!


On the home front my dear mate, Bernard is arriving this week for some long overdue catching up. Those of you who saw Disgraceful will have heard about him. The exciting thing is that he will be here for the next run of Disgraceful at The Motley Bauhaus 24th, 25th, 26th Nov. So if you didn’t see the show (or would like to see how it has evolved) then you can come to the show and meet the man himself!

Use the code BERNARD for a 20% discount.

  1. You get to see my hilarious and fun show
  2. You get to meet Bernard, who many of my disgraceful tales involve
  3. You get 20% off tickets
  4. You make me happy!

    Book here 
    There are only three chances to catch the show, so don’t miss out.
    And if you’re still not sure if the show is for you, here are some of the wonderful things reviewers have said about the show:
    “...very funny one-woman show… resolutely unapologetic or regretful… Best’s delivery is surprisingly clean… consistently funny… Best’s on-stage persona being especially warm and affable… slick delivery” – Jim Schembri
    There is a vulnerability and self-consciousness in Best’s storytelling that is both relatable and admirable… warmness, grace and sharp humour” ★★★★ – Arts Hub
    a funny… in-your-face trip down memory lane crossing times, trends, and continents. Lucy Best does what she does best – tells a story of ‘getting your sh/t together’… or not.” – Weekend Notes


Lorne Film & KW Films have begun shooting the supernatural horror/romance feature film, MAGPIE in Trentham, Victoria. Written and produced by Darren Markey, and produced and directed by Kate Whitbread. (I am associate producer and have also been cast in a role)

The main shoot is scheduled for early 2023 and the team behind MAGPIE are hosting a fundraising event, THE MAGPIE BALL – at the gorgeous Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham, on Friday 9th Dec. It’s going to be a fun and fabulous night, hosted by me! All proceeds from the night will go towards the production of MAGPIE.

Tickets are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Check out this crowdfunding campaign to learn how you can support the film and get your hands on goodies such as a signed script, your name in the film credits and a double pass to opening night of the film.

Silent Auction

Check out the amazing items (and more are coming) that have been generously donated to the silent auction as part of the fundraiser. The auction will be launched at the Magpie Ball and will run for a week. You can bid even if you don’t attend the event. So check out all the goodies here!

The Woman by the Water

I am also working on another feature film being developed by Lorne Film and written by Darren Markey: The Woman by the Water.
Story by and Produced by ME and Darren Markey!
The Woman by the Water is a contemporary fairytale about two women, who yearn for love and home. A chance meeting leads them to each other but true love’s course does not smoothly thanks to some troublesome trolls!

The film is currently in development and you can be part of bringing it to life by supporting the upcoming Proof of Concept shoot.

Other gigs in November

I’m not doing many gigs this month, as I’m focussing on Disgraceful but you can follow me on the socials to find out about ones I am doing.
One I’ve had booked for a while is Sugar and Spice comedy, we’re I’ll be sweet and spicy!
Tickets are $10 if you pre-book and $15 on the door, so I reckon you should book it!
I’ll also be making an appearance singing some duets at the Coburg RSL 19th Nov!

Bye for now!

Hope to see you at:
The Magpie Ball
On Indie Gogo
At Sugar and Spice Comedy
At the Coburg RSLAround!
Thank you.
Love you.

October 2022 eNooze – Melbourne Fringe

Sunny days are here again

The sun is shining, and I’ve just mowed my front and back lawns (not a euphemism), like a BOSS.
I remember a friend (hi Igor!) from school saying that I am like a flower – I bloom when the sun comes out and it’s true! I feel so refreshed by the change in the weather that I have concluded I will not stay in Melbourne for the whole of next winter. Which means I am looking to take shows to Darwin and Brisbane Fringe festivals in 2023. HMU up you’re up that way and have leads on venues/ places to stay!
Thank you!

Melbourne Fringe Festival is go

Melbourne Fringe Festival opens on Thursday 6th October.
The opening gala event is going to be EPIC and you can catch Nicky Barry and I doing a cheeky number there.
Don’t forget to get along to Gold Star Failure, which I am directing.
Lucy Best is Directing Gold Star Failure

And of course please come and join in the silly fun at Loafaoke. 
I’ll also be on the line up for Bits n Pieces Comedy on 8th October.
After that I will hot foot it to Trades Hall to audition for The Audition Room.


Here’s a list – in no particular order (although sort of alphabetical) – of other shows that I plan to see and recommend. I’m not telling you anything about them, you can check them and all the other delights on offer, via the Melbourne Fringe website. There are so many amazing shows and events to attend and I am going to be thoroughly pooped in a month’s time!

It is in no way an exhaustive list. I plan to make the most of having a short show run and get along to shows by people I haven’t seen before. As always please follow me on Insta or Twitter for more frequent updates and I’ll share any shows I get to and want to recommend.
Hopefully see you out and about over Fringe.Thank you.
Love you.

September 2022 eNooze

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come”. – Marty Rubin
Spring is here and I am pleased
Here in the Southern Hemisphere things are brightening up, after a long and virus filled winter. Bring it on!
Here’s a pic of a nectarine bloom in my garden from this morning. You’re welcome.
Melbourne Fringe Program has launched!
It’s September 3rd, which means last night the Melbourne Fringe 2022 program launched. It was a very fine celebration. We celebrated Fringe being back in person, after three years of being scuppered by Covid AND Fringe turning 40.
I reckon it’s going to be a ripper of a festival this year.
Fringe festival will feature over 450 events. There’s also the return of the Fringe parade and block party.

Check out the full program here.

What am I doing you ask?

Well… I’m directing Jacci Pillar’s new show, Gold Star Failure, which you can catch at Trades Hall. Jacci is a multitalented performer, with some cracking tales to tell. Produced by Sally Goldner. I am so thrilled to be part of the Gold Star Failure team. 

Nicky Barry and I are also doing a short run (just the three Sundays) of our new interactive show Loafaoke. It’s a mass singalong to Meatloaf classics. Sound ridiculous? It is!
It’s the kind of show you can drop in to, stay for one song and maybe a cocktail at Evie’s Disco Diner, or stay for the whole hour and sing until you can’t sing anymore! We will also be joined by some very special guests (who are much better singers than us).
See you there! 
As you can see Fringe launches on 6th October with a fabulous gala celebration. You may get a sneak peak of Laofaoke there if you join the glitz and glamour!
September gigs
While we wait for Fringe to open, you can catch me at a few gigs. I might pick up a few extra gigs (so that I can give out some flyers), so follow me on the socials to keep up to date.
  • 7th Sep Bertie’s Comedy Jam at Lucky Coq,179 Chapel St, Windsor. Always a fun and loose night
  • 10th Sep I will be part of comedy and TV legend Tony Martin, Live at the Slovenia Club
  • 16th Sep –  this is actually a music gig but sure to be lots of fun. I am joining Retro Entertainment for the night and singing a few classics for the good folk of Port Arlington at Saints and Sailors I can finally justify the sailor outfit out bought 😉
  • 21st Sep – Comedy at Tallboy and Moose This will be my first time performing at this brewery in Preston and going by the line up it’s going to be a cracker!
  • 22nd Sep Queer Comedy is back. I’m trying a new venue for this well established night. The bar is called Bad Decisions, which might be highly appropriate but I reckon coming along will be a good decision (see what I did there?)
SCREEN TALES in Castlemaine
After the success of Screen Tales in Blackwood in Autumn, screenwriter and producer, Darren Markey, is delivering his interactive storytelling for screen weekend workshop in Castlemaine (with help from me) for Spring.
The workshop is pitched as writing for screen, but shares broad theories and exercises about storytelling and writing. I highly recommend the workshop for anyone wanting to hone their storytelling craft.
The Spring edition is being hosted by Northern Arts Hotel‘s Coolroom.
Castlemaine has become a foodie destination over the past few years. If you’re thinking of having a weekend away this Spring then this weekend will offer everything. You can start your days with a morning stroll through the Castlemaine botanical gardens, work on your storytelling with like minded friends during the day, and close the days off with delicious food and wine from the region, before heading back to your comfortable and stylish digs. Sounds divine!
Here’s some of the feedback from the last Screen Tales weekend:
‘…informative…fun and inspiring…Incredible value and highly recommended.’
Genevieve, screenwriter
‘…such a delightful weekend…very inspired, thank you.’
Amanda, poet
‘…highly engaging…entertaining… SCREEN TALES was worthwhile on every level to inspire and inform.’
Cecilia, novelist

Book here
That’s bye from me
For my October eNooze I will share some recommendations for Fringe.
Until then, stay sensational.
Thank you.
Love you.

Award winning storytelling night withGeneration Women Australia

I am thrilled to share that I am going to be team 40s (what? No? Stop it!) for Generation Women Australia’s Secrets and Lies show.
That’s right. I am going to share a secret. EEEK!

About Generation Women

Revel in great storytelling, unexpected voices and shared wisdom spanning the ages.Winner Best Spoken Word at Sydney Fringe 2019 and featured in All About Women 2020 at the Sydney Opera House, Generation Women celebrates and amplifies women’s voices and creativity. Each month, six women of note read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s, and her 70s+. Our diverse line-ups will make you laugh, cry, and think.

Generation Women is a unique, intimate storytelling night that brings together women of all ages.

Secrets and Lies

Theme: Secrets & Lies: What you don’t know about me. We’ve all got secrets. We’ve all told lies. For August Generation Women have invited superstar storytellers to share a tale about something you don’t know about them. Expect Generation Women’s usual blend of heartfelt and hilarious as they celebrate six generations of storytellers. Whether it’s a confession, confidential, or clandestine, this month at Generation Women, it’s time to spill!


Team 20s: Annie Louey is an award-winning comedian, writer and presenter who you may have seen on ABC TV shows like The Weekly and China Tonight. She has been touring Australia recently with the Comedy Festival Roadshow. It’s also no secret that she’s tasted over 150 flavours of potato chip.

Team 30s:  Jeanette Cheah is the founder and CEO of HEX, an award-winning edtech company delivering internationally recognised innovation and entrepreneurship programs to university students and the next generation of talent. A globally in-demand corporate keynote speaker and panelist, she is also a guest lecturer and mentor at universities around Australia and an advocate for tech inclusion and diversity in business worldwide. Jeanette has represented Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Argentina, was a Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist, and in 2021 was named a 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australian and category winner for Entrepreneurship.

Team 40s: Lucy Best is an Australian-based British comedian, MC, writer and producer. She performs Stand Up Comedy, Cabaret, Music and Theatre around Australia and internationally. Lucy’s work regularly includes her hilarious hot takes on themes of feminism, mental health, social justice, sex positivity and gender and sexual diversity.

Team 50s: Anita Bentata. Survivor. Author of The Wolf in a Suit. ‘Retired’ psychotherapist of 27 years. Anita developed theories and solutions about domestic violence, love, trauma and therapy. Recipient of two international awards and national recognition. Anita mentors women to live free, from the past, relationship story, habits, or current environment.

Team 60s: Lyn Yeowart is a consulting writer and editor, and author of the award-winning bestseller The Silent Listener, a psychological thriller based on events from her childhood. She’s self-assured and shy…boisterous and mild…hilarious and solemn…fascinating and boring…profound and shallow…hard-working and lazy…honest and deceptive…it all depends on her perspective—and yours.

Team 70s: Jane Clifton has a 5 decade-long, show-business career. Including a number of roles in Australian TV shows from Division 4, Homicide, Ryan, Bluey to Holiday Island. Fronting the ground-breaking feminists-on-Countdown band STILETTO, being part of the smash-hit stage shows MUM’S THE WORD and MENOPAUSE – THE MUSICAL, her top 10 pop singles GIRL ON THE WALL and TAXI MARY. Penning 3 published crime novels and an anthology of poetry A Day At A Time In Rhyme. Jane will always be best remembered for a role she played 40 years ago: MARGO in Prisoner/Cell-Block H.Book your tickets

Doors at 6.30pm, Show starts at 7pmTicketsMember $15+bf | Non-member $25+bf (Become a member here)
I hope to see some of you there.
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I live and work on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation.
Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land.