March 2022 eNooze

Not everything that happens to us occurs with reference to something about us. To be calm, we must reduce the weight of our proud and unrealistic modern individualism – School of Life

Hello! How are you?

I know that the world is full of scary and sad stuff but it is also full of good things. This eNews is an attempt to share some of the good things in my life, with you, in the hope that they might become good things in your life too.

Making art

I had the very great privilege of working with Rachel Mia once more.
Here’s Mandy – we had so much fun coming up with her back story. She won this hat at the realtor (or possibly tupperware) awards in her home town in America’s deep south! Yes – those are tiny me/ Mandy falling from the hat!Rachel is a creative (and technical) genius!

MUAH/ Styling/ Photography: Rachel Mia

When you find yourself wearing a pink wig and wearable art by Gun Shy and Rachel Mia asks if you’re up for climbing a tree, you know you’re living your best life!
Tree/ magnificent bird images to come!

West Side Comedy

Me and my dear friend and comedy comrade/ wife, Nicky Barry, launched a new comedy competition night, with a musical element. We had two shows but sadly the venue was unable to host us any longer. We had a hoot and we love the model.
Nicky and I had also lined up an incredible bunch of hilarious performers, who we are keen to work with. So, watch this space for an announcement of new dates/ venue soon.

Photo credit: Darren Markey

Love film?
Love storytelling?

Then come and join me and working screenwriter/producer, Darren Markey, for an entertaining workshop, where you will build your knowledge of film and screenwriting.
SCREEN TALES is ideal for aspiring storytellers and/or screenwriters – and most importantly – anyone who loves film.

Photo credit: LB – Sharyn Booth/ Darren Markey – Leon Walking

You can book into either a weekend long intensive workshop in beautiful Blackwood (March 26/27), where Darren Markey’s first completed feature film THE UNLIT was partly shot, or over six weeks at multi-arts space the Palace of Magnificent Experience – POME (April 2 – May 14) in Richmond.
Find out more and book for Blackwood
Find out more and book at POME

Upcoming gigs

Tuesday 8th March is International Women’s Day. The theme this year is Break the Bias.

I’m going to be doing my bit to #BreakTheBias at Gaso Comedy – 8th March 2022
The Gaso, 484 Smith st, Collingwood. Doors 7.30
Gaso Comedy prides itself on putting on uncensored stand up comedy, so I’ll be there with an uncensored femmo rant (which will of course be hilarious and insightful).

Punch club – 10th March 2022
Upstairs at The Oxford Scholar, 427 Swanson St, Melb CBD
7pm doors. 8pm show start.
Punch Club: Thursday Night Comedy, is the newest weekly show in Melbourne.
Nicky Barry and I will be co-hosting a handpicked showcase of of some of the funniest comedians in Melbourne (& beyond).
Tickets: $7 presale / $10 on the door. Student tix $5.

Queer comedy – 23rd March
George’s Bar, 120 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Doors 6pm, showtime 8(ish)pm
For the March edition our guest MC Julien Furnace will be joined by:

  • Me!
  • Josh Moyes
  • Maren Whittaker
  • Cavie
  • Thomas Banks
  • Luke Belle and more!

Unbridled  – 30th Mar- 2nd April 2022Bard’s Apothecary, 7/24 Crossley St, Melbourne. 6.45pm
Unbridled is back for Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022.
In case you didn’t know it was a huge success last year at The Butterfly Club (where, incidentally Disgraceful will be on in May).

This show needs to come with a disclaimer: causes doubts in the institute of marriage and “leakage” due to laughing.‘  – Weekend Notes
Book here

I hope this has cheered you up.
I hope you have some good things in your life.
I hope you can come to my shows.
I hope we can all work together to #BreakTheBias and create equality for ALL.
I hope you follow me on the socials! If not please do!
Thank you.
Love you.

January eNews

Sorry for the delay in getting the January eNews to you. I’ve been a bit stuck about what to say. Announcing any upcoming gigs felt like setting myself up to have to unannounce them and I didn’t really have any words of wisdom for 2022, as things just went back to being so uncertain.

After next month it will be the year of the tiger though, and that’s my year. So that’s something.
  • 26th Jan – Queer Comedy Invasion day for Comedy at George‘s Bar Fitzroy, MC’d by my dear friend Michele da Costa. I’ll be there too. Hope to see you there.
  • 30th Jan – Lemon Comedy for Midsumma. Lemon Comedy Pride Edition is hosted by radio personalities ‘Annie (also one of my favourite people and comics!) and Ando’ from JOY94.9 (Australia’s only LGBTQ+ radio station).
  • 7th Feb (sneaking an early Feb one in, just in case I am late again) – Kent St, Comedy. I’ll be MCing in this great new room in Melbourne’s iconic Kent St Bar
So excited about this!
Day job news!
In my day job I work at Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV).
SRV is a community legal centre, that supports people experiencing or at risk of elder abuse. I am not at the front line, having to deal with the very sad cases that come to us. Our incredible team of advocates and lawyers do that. I work on a prevention project, aimed to educate people to help them protect themselves.

During lockdown in 2021 I worked with Seven Dimensions to produce a series of videos to help people understand the importance of planning ahead and making sure people close to you know what’s important to you. I asked some friends to film themselves talking about what matters to them. I wrote stories about the ways that things can go wrong, even with the best of intentions. Despite the obvious challenges the world threw at us I am really proud of the result. You can view them here.
In February I’ll be (hopefully) heading to Hobart to speak at Seventh Annual Elder Abuse Conference – NEAC 2002.
Me talking about series things
Over and out until February….

December 2021 eNooze

This is not a drill. It’s December. I repeat. It’s December.
Quick recap of 2021
– Had some gigs in Jan and things were weird – limited capacity, masks and QR codes but people sharing mics. Life was strange
– On 13th Feb we had a snap lockdown until 17th Feb
– Melbourne (not so international) comedy festival managed to go ahead in Mar-April and Nicky Barry and I performed Motherfu(t, with Justine Sless as our trusty tech and Darren Markey as the fabulous pool boy
– On the 28th May we had another lockdown that ended on 10th June
28th June-3rd July, Unbridled hit the stage. The fourth attempt! We had rave reviews and with an audience to die for! Here’s a little promo video I made. (We will be reprising Unbridled in 2022)
16th July we went back into lockdown. It felt like the whole thing had been a dream.
3rd October Melbourne became the most locked down city in the world. Go us!
22nd October, things started to open up. Melbourne had endured/ survived 260 days of lockdown.Now – not quite two months on, we’re all still finding our feet. I hesitated to put on any shows (and Disgraceful was put very much on hold until 2022).
– I did however get to re-launch Queer Comedy IRL on 24th November and it was truly magical. I am so proud and madly in love with our QC community.
Live From St Kilda with Ben Murphy on my Vimeo
In case you didn’t see it, here’s my segment from Live From St Kilda, which I was lucky enough to be able to shoot during lockdown, with lots of restrictions.
It’s such a great production and I look forward to next season. The cast and crew were amazing.
Photo credit: David Fowles

Now we head toward the end of the year, with a new Covid-19 variant and uncertainty ever looming. I have booked a trip back to the UK to see my family there but it’s hard to get fully excited when I am aware that it could all get covid cancelled.

Upcoming gigs
So, once again, clinging tightly to my tentative optimism, here’s some of what’s happening for me in the coming weeks:
– 15th December Guerilla Comedy, Hawthorn
– 23rd Dec – Hares & Hyenas 30 year celebration and the launch of Harehole Melbourne
– 23rd Jan- 13th Feb is Midsumma festival, so watch this space but so far I know I have…26th Jan – Queer Comedy Invasion day for Comedy at George‘s
– 30th Jan – Lemon Comedy for Midsumma I am beyond excited to be performing at Comedy Republic with this incredible line up
– Jaxson and I are also planning a Keep the Change in the new year
And of course… I need to get Disgraceful into the world!
Over and out!
Feel free to follow me on the socials, especially my Facebook page, which I am going to try to be more active on and build a following, so that when Disgraceful is rescheduled I can promote it from there!

Thank you.
Love you.

Nov 2021 eNooze

We’re out of lockdown!
YAY! Melbourne is out of lockdown. There are still some restrictions but in the last few days we have been allowed to travel to regional Victoria. Venues are opening up for live performance and it’s all very exciting. I ventured out to a comedy gig, on the first evening we could.
Here is a photo by Michael Reynolds, of me and my darling friend, Nicky Barry screaming with excitement into the microphone after the gig finished. It was a lot. We feel it perfectly captures the mood in Melbourne that night!

I’m now trying to manage my energy levels, as I tend to try to do ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME, which is not very good for me!

I was on the telly!Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy
Live from St Kilda with Ben Murphy is a weekly Television program filmed from The Alex Theatre in St Kilda and is hosted by internationally acclaimed comedy magician and illusionist Ben Murphy. Ben is also a regarded actor, radio host, writer, as well as the creator of this program.
I was thrilled to be invited to perform on episode 4. You can watch the full episode here (I’m on at about 23mins). It’s a PG show, so unlike most of my comedy you can actually watch it with your kids!
I’m not sure if the jokes translate too well outside of Australia but I hope so.

Upcoming gigs

Dirty Secrets Comedy 11th Nov
I’ll be popping along to Dirty Secrets at Caz Raitops in Collingwood to try some new material.

Laughs at Lantern 14th Nov
I’m heading to 108 Smith St, Collingwood to be part of a line up at this great new comedy room.

Queer comedy 24th Nov
That’s right. QC is back IRL baybee! This month I have invited my dear friend Jaxson Garni, to be my guest MC. I’ll be there to do a spot and enjoy the night.

Here’s a photo of me and Jaxson looking pretty from our Keep The Change poster!

Screen TalesThis is actually in December but I thought I should let you know about it asap, so you can book your tickets for this entertaining, interactive hands on workshop examining the art and craft of storytelling for screen.Join me and screen writer Darren Markey (The Unlit, Magpie, Click) for this weekend intensive workshop to discover your stories within.

SCREEN TALES is ideal for aspiring storytellers and/or screenwriters – and most importantly – anyone who LOVES FILM.Only 12 spots available, so book yours here
Thank you. Love you. Bye.

October 2021 eNoooze

Ok. So firstly – yes – we won! Melbourne is now the most locked down city in the world (at least in the Covid category).

So I write to you, still locked down, still working, playing, living and doing absolutely everything, on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin nation. It’s a privilege to be here and one that I don’t take lightly.

I also know that I am very lucky to have a garden, great walks (along Merri Creek) on my doorstep and a mostly harmonious home. Lockdown isn’t terrible. I’ve just had ENOUGH of it. Thank you.

Exciting News!

Having been a long time supporter, customer and audience member of the Hares and Hyenas bookshop and Harehole performance space, I am thrilled to announce I am now part of the Harehole team.

I am working to produce a series of online events, as well as hosting and supporting some other streamed events, to get us all through lockdown. There is of course the added bonus that, by doing online shows, some of you in other cities, states and countries might be able to join in the fun!This Saturday 9th October 2021Down the Harehole, Online Variety with Lucy BestBook hereWith guest performers, the hilarious cabaret performer Luke Belle and Cabaret Royalty (in a non-monarchic way), producer, writer, performer and superstar Maude Davey, an audience dance-off, news from Hares & Hyenas, and a chance to hear how local performing artists have been surviving and creating in lockdown.  I do hope you can join us.Book here

Fresh(ish) Off the Boat;
Stuck, Foreign and Not Married During a Pandemic.

Whilst I am all those things this show is not about me. I’m popping on to do a spot for the brilliant and hilarious He Huang’s Fringe Show.

This 40-minute virtual comedy show consists of topical jokes and up-to-date shenanigans featuring He Huang and her guest comedians. Every night is different and in English.
Book via Melbourne International Fringe Festival

b’bye for now

Sometimes some of you reply to my eNews and I want you to know that I REALLY appreciate it. I really appreciate that you read it and I am not just shouting into the void!

 Love you.