December 2021 eNooze

This is not a drill. It’s December. I repeat. It’s December.
Quick recap of 2021
– Had some gigs in Jan and things were weird – limited capacity, masks and QR codes but people sharing mics. Life was strange
– On 13th Feb we had a snap lockdown until 17th Feb
– Melbourne (not so international) comedy festival managed to go ahead in Mar-April and Nicky Barry and I performed Motherfu(t, with Justine Sless as our trusty tech and Darren Markey as the fabulous pool boy
– On the 28th May we had another lockdown that ended on 10th June
28th June-3rd July, Unbridled hit the stage. The fourth attempt! We had rave reviews and with an audience to die for! Here’s a little promo video I made. (We will be reprising Unbridled in 2022)
16th July we went back into lockdown. It felt like the whole thing had been a dream.
3rd October Melbourne became the most locked down city in the world. Go us!
22nd October, things started to open up. Melbourne had endured/ survived 260 days of lockdown.Now – not quite two months on, we’re all still finding our feet. I hesitated to put on any shows (and Disgraceful was put very much on hold until 2022).
– I did however get to re-launch Queer Comedy IRL on 24th November and it was truly magical. I am so proud and madly in love with our QC community.
Live From St Kilda with Ben Murphy on my Vimeo
In case you didn’t see it, here’s my segment from Live From St Kilda, which I was lucky enough to be able to shoot during lockdown, with lots of restrictions.
It’s such a great production and I look forward to next season. The cast and crew were amazing.
Photo credit: David Fowles

Now we head toward the end of the year, with a new Covid-19 variant and uncertainty ever looming. I have booked a trip back to the UK to see my family there but it’s hard to get fully excited when I am aware that it could all get covid cancelled.

Upcoming gigs
So, once again, clinging tightly to my tentative optimism, here’s some of what’s happening for me in the coming weeks:
– 15th December Guerilla Comedy, Hawthorn
– 23rd Dec – Hares & Hyenas 30 year celebration and the launch of Harehole Melbourne
– 23rd Jan- 13th Feb is Midsumma festival, so watch this space but so far I know I have…26th Jan – Queer Comedy Invasion day for Comedy at George‘s
– 30th Jan – Lemon Comedy for Midsumma I am beyond excited to be performing at Comedy Republic with this incredible line up
– Jaxson and I are also planning a Keep the Change in the new year
And of course… I need to get Disgraceful into the world!
Over and out!
Feel free to follow me on the socials, especially my Facebook page, which I am going to try to be more active on and build a following, so that when Disgraceful is rescheduled I can promote it from there!

Thank you.
Love you.

Published by LucyBest

Lucy Best is an Australian-based British comedian, compère, writer and producer. She performs Stand Up Comedy, Cabaret, Music and Theatre around Australia and internationally.

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